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Brokers helped back £15bn of lending in 2019    January 2020

Brokers helped originate almost £15bn of lending last year, with most coming from new borrowers, according to an analysis from the NACFB. The association’s members helped arrange £14.9bn of loans in 2019, of which 65% were new business and 35% were from clients seeking to refinance. The research found brokers choose lenders based on a variety of factors but 37% value a low rate, 18% go by previous experience, 16% by best fit and 6% by speed. The most common reasons lenders turned away deals in 2019 were a client’s poor credit history, the sector being deemed too risky, the business lacking enough collateral, the lack of strong cashflow and the amount requested being too high, the NACFB said. The average deal size arranged by NACFB members was £450,145.
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Let-to-buy loans rise in popularity    January 2020

A relatively unknown type of mortgage that allows families to move into a new home without selling their existing property is growing in popularity, as many struggle to shift their homes. Mortgage broker Trinity Financial has reported a 15% increase in the sale of "let-to-buy" mortgages in the past six months, while some 20 mortgage lenders now offer such loans. Let-to-buy allows borrowers to buy a new home while they keep their current property and rent it out.
The Daily Telegraph

75% see BTL investment as 'worthwhile'    January 2020

A survey conducted by Perrys Chartered Accountants shows that 75% of people still believe that investing in buy-to-let is worthwhile, with the proportion jumping to 83% among millennials. Among reasons that may deter people from BTL investment, 28% said Brexit uncertainty was a factor, while 29% pointed to increased tax and stamp duty rates.
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What will the election mean for the markets?    December 2019

The Telegraph’s Tim Wallace looks at various predictions for the market with different election outcomes, with ING predicting 10-year bonds could almost double to 1.5% by late 2020 under a high-spending Labour government. However, investors favour Labour’s Brexit plans as they are much closer to simply remaining in the EU than the Conservatives’ proposals.
The Daily Telegraph

UK economy stagnates ahead of general election    December 2019

The economy suffered its weakest three months since early 2009 with ONS data showing growth flat in October after two months of declines. The ONS said: “Increases across the services sector [were] offset by falls in manufacturing with factories continuing the weak performance seen since April. Construction also declined across the last three months with a notable drop in house building and infrastructure in October.”
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Small builders hit by housing market uncertainty    December 2019

Research by Price Bailey has found that more small housebuilders have gone out of business in the most recent 12-month period than at any point since 2015, with 343 lost in the year to September due to stagnating house prices and rises in both raw materials and labour costs. "Subdued activity in London and the South East and falling prices as people defer purchases due to Brexit uncertainty have all taken their toll," said the firm’s Paul Pittman.
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